Our Teacher Trainers

Our diverse, award-winning instructors have decades of experience in their respective fields, and have led trainings, workshops, and retreats both nationally and internationally.

Aisha Yusuf E-RYT, MPA: Inclusion Course Instructor

Aisha is an E-RYT and executive leader in social justice reform, based in Oakland, CA. She has designed, evaluated, and implemented innovative programs across the United States, within Indigenous and native populations, and internationally.

Aisha has taught at many studios across the nation, and firmly believes all teacher trainings should prioritize creating learning spaces that educate teachers on the diversity of identities, ideas, and experiences of all people so that yoga students can feel safe, seen, and supported in classes. Her course, Creating Safe, Inclusive Yoga Spaces Across Race, Gender, and Ability, will teach instructors how to be intentional about their classes so they can make sure they are creating spaces that support students and their lived experiences.

Emma Stern E-RYT: Somatics + Trauma Course Instructor

Emma is an E-RYT and mental health professional with a focus on somatic psychology, based in Portland, OR. She has been practicing yoga since 2003, teaching movement practices since 2005, and leading yoga classes since 2014. Her teachers and mentors include Jasmine Tarkeshi, Laura Camp, Julie Rappaport, Mary Strong-Sullivan, and Jane Austin.

Emma celebrates the potential for healing and transformation through all expressions of embodied movement. In particular, she is deeply passionate about bringing trauma-informed principles into active and alignment-based asana. Her course, Somatics + Socially Conscious Approaches to Trauma-Informed Yoga, gives teachers a thorough understanding of trauma, and ways to integrate trauma-informed care into any yoga class style.

Keisha Courtney E-RYT: Branding & Marketing Course Instructor

Keisha Courtney is an E-RYT, founder of The Driven Yogi, and Emmy Award-winning journalist, based in Berkeley, CA. She firmly believes that being a yoga teacher is like any other profession; it takes perseverance, drive, and a thirst for knowledge to be successful and stand out from the rest. To date she’s helped dozens of teachers overcome imposter syndrome and get out of their own way to create their wellness offerings and introduce them to the world. 

In her course, Build Your Brand with Confidence, teachers will learn how to build a brand from scratch and conquer their online presence like a boss!

Whitney Walsh, E-RYT: Alignment & Anatomy Course Instructor

Whitney is an E-RYT, and lead teacher trainer based in Austin, TX. Her teaching is most influenced and inspired by Annie Carpenter, Sean Halen, and Jason Crandell. Whitney loves practicing and teaching alignment-based yoga because of its capacity to cultivate awareness, promote a mindful body connection, and support living well on a daily basis in our bodies. She hopes her trainings, Alignment for Student Injury Prevention, and Teaching Yoga Online: Proper Cueing, Propping, & Modifications for Student Safety will give yoga teachers the confidence and knowledge they need to integrate alignment yoga into their classes to keep their students mentally engaged, and physically safe as they practice yoga.