3 Tips for Teaching a Last Minute Yoga Class


November 9, 2021

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Have you been on the job hunt for awhile but can’t seem to find that first teaching opportunity? Well yogi, to be honest, it’s just difficult sometimes! Many studios require some sort of experience, and if you don’t yet have that, it’s difficult to convince people to take a chance on you. Subbing is a good way to put yourself out there, but many times your schedule has to be open and you have to be able to teach a last minute yoga class (I’m talking super last minute, like 1 hour prior to a class). Scary, I know! But by agreeing to these subbing opportunities you can set yourself apart from other subs as being reliable, and if the class goes well, those in charge of scheduling will take notice. Here are 3 things to do to be prepared to teach a last minute yoga class.

1. Fill A Notebook With Sequences For Different Class Types

Power vinyasa, beginner yoga, yin/yang, 90 minute flow, etc. whatever is taught at the studios you frequent, have a sequence ready for each one of those classes. There are some teachers who can make up sequences off of the top of their heads, but if you aren’t that type of teacher you need to always be prepared. When your moment comes to prove your teaching worth you can grab your notebook and know that if all else fails, at least you have a sequence planned!

2. Have Playlists Ready For That Last Minute Yoga Class

If you are a teacher who likes to use music in your classes, make sure you have playlists ready to match the classes taught in your preferred studios. For example, in my phone I have a playlist for morning yoga (acoustic, calming music), an AfroPunk inspired playlist (for evening classes), a playlist with nature sounds (for yin/yang classes), and a playlist with songs that get people excited and pumped to get their workout in for the day (this is reserved for the very intense power vinyasa classes). If you have a playlist to match all of the styles taught at your preferred studios, it’s one less thing you have to be worried about and you can focus on the actual teaching when your opportunity arises to teach a last minute yoga class.

3. Have Class Add-Ons On You At All Times

Class add-ons are items that set your classes apart (aside from the teaching). For example, I use essential oils in my classes, which is something many students now know me for. If you are someone who uses add-ons, make sure they are in your purse or car just in case you have to teach a last minute yoga class.