Committed to Inclusivity

The Committed to Inclusivity Certification was created to identify studios doing the work to make their classes and spaces safer and more inclusive to diverse populations. Studios that receive this certification have committed to participating in annual trainings in diversity, equity, & inclusion in yoga spaces.

Requirements for Committed to Inclusivity Certification

75% of the teaching and studio staff has completed training in one or more of the subject areas below, and are committed to doing annual trainings to educate their staff and keep students safe.

  • Creating Safe Spaces Across Race, Gender, and Ability
  • Teaching Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • Yoga Alignment & Anatomy to Prevent Student Injuries
  • Teaching Yoga Safely Online

In these courses, teachers and staff learn the tools necessary to welcome in students across differences (background, gender, race, ability, or experience) into their studios. Learning outcomes include:

  • Deep reflection from the teacher on hidden biases that may exclude students and ways they can avoid them.
  • Best practices to keep students safe who may have experienced trauma.
  • Better use of classroom language, topics, and cueing so classes speak to diverse populations across race, gender, ability, or experience.
  • Tangible steps to make marketing, studio communications, and studio policies more inclusive and welcoming for various populations.