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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Yoga Spaces

Taught by Aisha Yusuf, international yoga teacher, PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins, and executive in social justice reform, this course teaches trainees how to better understand and build empathy around experiences that are different from their own. In this training, students will explore their own biases and unconscious behaviors so they can start to create more inclusive spaces across an intersectional lens.

Somatic & Socially Conscious Approaches to Trauma-Informed Yoga

Taught by Emma Stern, yoga teacher and mental health professional, this course gives teachers well-researched, and tangible ways to integrate somatics and trauma-informed practices into any yoga teaching style. In this training, students will learn about the prevalence of trauma in our society today, the science behind trauma, and ways to integrate in depth somatic interventions into their classes to create safer spaces for those who have experienced trauma.

Branding & Marketing for Yoga Instructors

Taught by Keisha Courtney, yoga teacher, Emmy-winning journalist, and founder of The Driven Yogi, this course will teach yoga trainees how to build an authentic brand from the ground up. Students will learn how to build a cohesive brand using strategies from top brands in the marketing and communications industry. Along with ways to overcome imposter syndrome, students will learn about graphic design principles to make their offerings stand out.

Alignment for Student Injury Prevention

Taught by Whitney Walsh, yoga teacher and longtime student of Jason Crandell and Annie Carpenter, trainees will gain the confidence to teach proper alignment, propping, and cueing to prevent student injury in their classes. Trainees will also learn the main muscles and key joints that need to be activated in yoga poses to keep students’ bodies safe.

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Studio & Teacher Reviews

The Driven Yogi’s Trauma Informed Training was an excellent introduction to trauma for our team! The workshop was well organized, interactive, and really clear in presenting its concepts and best practices. I really appreciated the balance between delivering information and providing opportunities for practice.

Josh Ciafardone

Studio Manager, Pole & Dance Studios

I feel more knowledgeable, curious, and rooted in the fundamentals of creating an inclusive yoga space, as well as equipped with the resources to be a true accomplice for underserved and underrepresented communities. Do yourself, your students & yoga studios a favor by investing in these courses.

Natalie Somers

Yoga Instructor, California

Taking the branding course was the single most valuable choice I’ve made in furthering my career, feeling confident in my offers, and staying excited to work with new clients.

Marsha Rosenblatt

Yoga Instructor, Hawaii